The Final Pendulum Setup in Penonome

7 April 2005: the day before the solar eclipse!

The laboratory is now finished, and we are performing observations non-stop with the two pendulums. This is the motif on the door (#2 because the lab in Malaysia was #1):

Here is a general view of the two pendulums with their delightful operators:

And here is a picture of me with one of them (one of the pendulums, that is):

Pendulum #1 with its operator, Heidy:

Pendulum #2 with its operator, Giselle:

Reading the azimuth of the first pendulum:

Resetting the first pendulum:

A shot showing the first pendulum hooked onto the release:

Reading the second pendulum:

One of the many TV interviewers taking a shot of the pendulum:

The actual suspensions of the two pendulums are accessed in the upstairs room. Here is a general view:

Each of the pendulum suspensions is covered with a pyramidal hat, in order to suppress air movement:

Under the hat you can see the suspension system of our English-style paraconical pendulums:

A closeup of the suspension ring:

The heart of the system is the highly accurate ball and flat. Here is a closeup. As you can see, the flat is like a mirror, which is not surprising since it is planar to within 100 nanometers, much less than the wavelength of the light we are using to look at it:

Click here to play (or right-click to download) a 2MB .avi movie showing the pendulum swinging to and fro like a flying saucer, straight at the camera.

And click here for a similar movie showing the swinging pendulum side on (1.7MB).

Click here for a movie showing Giselle reading the pendulum azimuth at the end of 12 minutes (3.5MB).

Click here for a movie showing her hooking the pendulum to the release mechanism (2.8MB).

Click here for a superb movie showing the pendulum being released (1.5MB).

This movie shows her reading the pendulum just after release. Watch and you can see the link flying away! (2.2MB).

This is a movie showing the suspension ring swinging (1.9MB).

This short movie shows a closeup of the ball swaying to and fro upon the flat (1.6MB).

This movie is a much longer version of the same thing (6.9MB).

Finally, this very short movie shows the view down through the hole (255KB).


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