Detailed plans for constructing an English-style paraconical pendulum

Below you can find the detailed manufacturing drawings for our Engish-style paraconical pendulum - the drawings we have actually followed. According to our design, the ring (or so-called "etrier", following Allais's nomenclature), the L-shaped support member, and the two support bars are made from aluminum alloy (6082), while the other members are made from high quality brass. In fact brass could be used throughout, I suppose; but in any case ferrous material, even stainless steel, should be absolutely eschewed, except obviously in the support ball and flat, where steel is the only practical possibility. It is essential to avoid any tainting of the results due to the possibility of magnetic effects, and there are other more recondite reasons as well.

(Before even considering actually using these drawings for manufacture of your own paraconical pendulums, you should of course check with us, because we sporadically incorporate modifications, and these drawings may not be completely up-to-date, although they do express the general ideas of the construction.)

It would have been nice if Allais had provided such detailed drawings of his pendulum, wouldn't it?.....

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